Obscurus Nex Cultus

by Father Befouled

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Father Befouled is the aural manifestation of the devil's filth. Born of the nature in mankind's rebellion, Father Befouled rallies against the call of Heaven's Trumpet; built upon a predilection to mock and ridicule the pig-savior. First full length of the band. For those into Incantation / Necros Christos, you're gonna like it. ...The chosen swim in the filth of their god. Baptized with the waste of their savior. Forevermore anoint their wounds with shit. Drown in the piss-rivers of heaven...


released July 27, 2010

Relapse Records



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Father Befouled Atlanta, Georgia

Father Befouled is a Death Metal band formed in United States of America (Chicago, Illinois/Georgia) in 2006. The band consists of Justin Stubbs (vocals/guitar), Derrik Goulding (guitar), Jake Kohn (Bass), & Wayne Sarantopoulos (Drums). As their name suggests, the band draws much inspiration from anti-Christian concepts. Currently signed to Dark Descent Records. ... more

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Track Name: Enthroning Desolation
Triumph the mortal throne.
Envelope disease.
In remembrance, this does of him.
The beast with white eyes.
Upon altars we rise.
Flesh before the son goes not.
Dreaming of madness we rot.
Enthroning desolation.
Track Name: Idolatry of Cursed Revelation
Ancient; revel in disgust.
Birth before blasphemy's lust.
Ingest the holocaust of the Christian right.
Obfuscate their revelation.
Devour the human spirit.
Idolize the fallen son beyond the horizons of salvation.
Cursed in their rapture, the sempiternal horror reign one thousand score.
Gaze into the sermon of cursed revelation and despoiled scripture.
Track Name: Golden Rivers of Heaven (Baptized In Piss)
Anoint the blessed to their fallen kingdoms.
The sweet caress of angelic flesh.
Flood the heavens with the waste of humanity.
Flock to the golden halls.
Exalt the mighty fallen.
The chosen swim in the filth of their God.
Baptized with the waste of the savior.
Forevermore anoint their wounds with shit.
Drown in the piss-rivers of heaven.
Track Name: Excrement Pastorous
(Instrumental...in the desecration of the rapture)
Track Name: Consecrate the Iconoclast
Desecrate idols of falsehood.
Blood and flesh spilled forth.
Apex of impurity ascend skyward.
In the ancient temples sacred rites.
The mountain skull and cross to bear.
Destroy the visage of salvation.
On high the skullthrone ascend.
Deities of flesh before man.
Destroy the lies of the false borne saint.
Consecrate the iconoclast.
Track Name: For Eternity, the Path of Pestilence
By my might they forever fall.
Legions cast down to rot among our pity, to wretch our sacred songs.
By the moon and the stars we follow for eternity the path of pestilence and poverty.
We stare from the abysmal edge and await our petty disease to reach their mouths.
We follow for eternity the path of pestilence.
Track Name: Beneath the Spires of Nocturnal Temples Defiling Creation
The crypt, nocturnal.
Asleep in the tombs of iniquity.
The soul hangs as a flower in the sun.
Beneath the halls of forsaken endeavors.
Written in the stones of impure spirit.
Dreaming in the catacombs of desolation.
Kneel beside the fallen rapture.

Beneath the howling sacrilege.
Spill fire from the mouths of angels.
Envenom their veins with the seed of Cain.
Strike lashed upon the scripture with whips of sacrifice.
Destroy the visage of Heaven.
Rape the ideal of salvation.
Blasphemy beyond the scope of misanthropy.
Defiling creation.